Revamp. Redesign: 11 Easy and Simple Vintage Home Makeover Projects

Need to redecorate but got a low budget? No problem. A low budget doesn’t have to be a roadblock to high style. Got an old something you are thinking of trashing at home? Don’t. At least not yet. Let’s see if you can put that vintage stuff at home from old shelf, to crate, frame, old notes, etc to good use. Vintage is becoming popular today and many designers create cool vintage interiors or items but you can add some vintage to your interiors yourself just giving a new life to the old things. Vintage stools or armchairs are amazing, comfy and stylish. Can’t find one? Look for it in your grandparents’ house, I’m sure, you’ll find one. Vintage cameras are suitable not only for those who love photography but also for any interiors with cool retro touches – from a living room to a home office. Get inspired by these do-it-yourself projects that transform vintage finds into fabulous and clever decor.
Cart to Bar

 Of course, you can turn an old metal cart into the life of the party by stocking it with glassware and bottled drinks. Use old wooden sewing cabinet drawers to sort and hold glasses upright. Employ an old wire locker bin to corral extra drink supplies on the bar cart. And pack a vintage suitcase with cocktail paraphernalia. An added bonus: The whole shebang can move to wherever the party’s happening—either inside or outside.

Appealing Trays
Stock up on tole trays at flea markets, thrift stores, and church bazaars—where they are still inexpensive enough to scoop up enmasse—to create a colourful gallery wall. Gather four or five trays in different shapes, including some with rounded edges for greater visual impact. Lay out various arrangements on the floor, turning the trays this way and that until you like the layout. Then mount them on the wall—such as above a bed or sofa—with press-on, pull-off hook-and-loop picture hangers.

Cool Attire
Throw your feet up on a fuzzy homemade ottoman crafted from a vintage round table, 2-inch-thick foam, and faux fur. To make the topper, cut out a circle of faux fur that’s 10 inches larger in diameter than the table-top. Fold the circle’s edge over 1½ inches and hand-stitch a hem, stopping 3 inches before the stitches meet. Thread a string through the hem. Cut the foam to the table’s diameter and place it on the table-top; cover with the fur “pouch.” Cinch the string at the table base and tie.

Jewellery Storage
Use an old window screen hung on a vintage door as an open-air display for necklaces and earrings. Just poke drapery hooks into the screen and slip jewels onto the hooks for tangle-free storage. Need to store more? Screw an old table leg into a wood base and attach hooks and knobs to the leg’s sides to catch bracelets. Stash additional baubles in a vintage bowl elevated by an overturned tea cup. Secure the cup to the bowl with epoxy.

Crate Creations
Savour the hard-won patina of old wooden crates by converting them into stylish furnishings. Turn one on its end—instant end table! Or add a cushioned top to a crate to create a cosy footstool. To fashion the top, glue two layers of foam to a piece of plywood and wrap in a stylish fabric, securing the fabric to the board with a staple gun. Attach wooden stretchers across the crate opening to form a support ledge for the cushion.

Vintage Notes
Dust off penned notes from the past and bring them out into the open. Use a photocopier to enlarge the letters and print the results on pretty paper stock. Form dust jackets for books from the paper and display the wrapped books on tabletops or shelves.

Enhanced Shelves
Tired of tall, dark bookshelves? Flip them! Stacked horizontally and sporting a new coat of crisp white paint, these slender shelves now provide display cubbies and a table-top surface that’s perfect as a drop zone for functional items and a few decorative artefacts. Highlight collectibles in the cubbies by lining the shelves with vintage maps. Add flair by using salvaged corbels as bookends.

Re-claimed Headboard
Rework architectural salvage into a headboard design. These porch spindles and decorative moulding pieces are attached to four painted wooden canvas stretchers, which are available at crafts stores. The peekaboo headboard style is ideal when you have a patterned wall you want to show off.

Mini Mementos
Tell your family story by hanging small framed pictures and memorabilia bulletin-board style in a large vintage frame. To create the backing, cut a piece of cork (sold in rolls at crafts stores) to fit the frame. Apply spray adhesive to secure the cork to a sturdy piece of corrugated cardboard. Use four flathead tacks to hang each small frame on the corkboard. Glue the flathead portion of the tacks to the back of each frame — one tack in each corner. Let dry, then push the frame into the cork.

Lovely Lamp
Fashion a showy lamp from a peacock-style Victorian fireplace screen. Wire the brass screen using a lamp kit from a home improvement centre and top it with an 11-inch-diameter shade for illuminating results. Love this shade’s map motif? Replicate the look by adhering parts of a map to the shade with spray adhesive. If the map has crease lines or you want to preserve it, make colour photocopies instead. At the seams, allow the vertical edges of the map pieces to overlap by 18 inch.

Stitch Happy
Crewelwork and needlepoint were once a common pastime for women. But the lovingly created samples were often framed in ways now considered dowdy, which is why you’ll find so many pieces in the market and second-hand shops. To freshen the handiwork, ditch the frame and work the needlepoint into an accent pillow. Hand-stitch each piece atop an existing pillow or sew the embroidery into a new pillow cover with fabric that coordinates with your home’s palette.
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