Chic Comfort: Trendy Bathroom Colour Schemes

Are you one of those who think bathrooms must be all white? Then you probably come across as a lil old fashioned. Bathrooms are excellent rooms for experimenting with fun colour palettes. Why not take a cue from these bathroom colour schemes to transform your bathroom into a chic retreat?

Sizzling: Red + Crisp White 
Don’t be afraid to go bold with your bathroom colour scheme. A bright red vanity shouts sophistication when paired with traditional accents like an ornate mirror, vintage chrome faucet, and sparkling wall sconces. Prevent a small space from becoming too busy by embracing loud colour on a single item or wall. DIY these all-white wall accents with the help of an antique mirror and white spray paint. Use painters tape on the mirror to protect the surface.

Glittering: Black + White + Brown

White-painted walls, wispy white countertops, brown cabinet, and contrasting tile flooring look grounded with a collection of black accents in this master bathroom. Inexpensive accessories, such as the thin black frame and black terra-cotta pots, make this look easy to re-create. The bathroom’s modern black-and-white colour scheme draws a unique juxtaposition to its natural wood furnishings.

Beautiful: Blue + White + Black

Here, blue patterned wallpaper provides a fun backdrop for a DIY dresser-turned-vanity painted a similar shade. The satin paint on the vanity complements the black granite’s polished sheen. The bathroom artwork incorporates both blue and black for a cohesive colour scheme.

Trendy: Navy + Red + White
Bold navy and white stripes make this small bathroom appear larger than it really is. Achieve crisp lines by ensuring your painters tape is pressed firmly to the wall before dipping the brush in paint. With red accents kept to a minimum, the space feels lively and inviting rather than cliché.
Magnificent: Ocean Blue + Sandy Brown + White

A soft palette of watery blue, sandy brown, and white creates a beachy vibe in this bathroom. The painted vanity cabinet matches the colour of the walls, creating a seamless look. Use an oil-based paint or a water-base latex paint for the topcoat for a durable shell when painting cabinet doors. Get inspired by this look by adding a mosaic tile backsplash to your bathroom for a hint of sparkle and vintage appeal.

Glamorous: Orange + White 

The bold orange wall colour adds warmth and a splash of youthful energy to this children’s bathroom. Crisp white beaded board adorns the lower portion of the walls, while the tub and its surround are covered with square white tiles that match the vintage look of the bathroom trough sink. Paint the underside of the exposed sink black to prevent the white from becoming too overwhelming. Also, remember to use a primer when painting with bright hues. This important step will save you from using several coats of paint to get the job done.

Appealing: Pink + White + Black 

Get pretty comfortable with these feminine flair combo: a splash of pink on the vanity and pretty black-and-white floral wallpaper. Clean white countertops, polished-nickel accents, and glass hardware sparkle against the pink vanity. Be sure to choose a paint with high sheen for a luxurious glossy look you are sure to love.  
Elegant: Powder Blue + White + Walnut
In this bathroom, white beaded board and soft blue walls lend a barely-there backdrop for a rich walnut vanity and shimmering chrome furnishings. The walnut cabinet base helps the airy colour palette feel grounded. The bathroom’s chrome furnishings reflect and bounce light around the room to add subtle sparkle. Re-create this look inexpensively with faux marble countertop contact paper.

Gorgeous: Purple + Coffee

Pairing dark colours does not feel gloomy in this bathroom. Dusky amethyst walls and coffee-colour cabinets work beautifully with a mix of white, iridescent, and clear glass tiles, along with expansive mirrors. Make your own mosaic backsplash to lighten up an existing dark vintage colour scheme. 

Glitzy: White + Butter Yellow

A colour palette of warm yellow and crisp white creates a vintage vibe in this master bathroom. White-painted panelling covers three-fourths of the bathroom’s walls, while the upper portion features a sunny-yellow hue. Paint thick, dark grout lines throughout the shower and floor tiling to emphasise the bathroom’s vintage aesthetic.  

                                       Credit: Better Homes & Gardens (

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