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Knitted Accessories Home Décor Ideas

A big trend that’s been around lately, the knitting explosion of the past several years has spawned a nearly endless supply of patterns and ideas for cute, stylish home accents and gifts. It is growing as fresh designs and easy DIYs gain popularity. From small kitchen accents to oversize living room throws, knit accessories make homes extra stylish and a lot cosier. It adds a bit of a 70’s vibe in an updated, modern way. 

What’s more? There’s a little juicy extra for those who know the art of knitting. It has health benefits!!!

So, grab your needles, a skein or three, a glass of wine, and start knitting! Check out these DIY knit ideas to get started.

Perfect Pouf

This oversize cushion is used for extra seating, as a footrest, or decoration. The look of these laid-back accessories absolutely leaves me smitten, but the price tag can be intimidating. Save some cash and make your own with this free knitting pattern!

Portable Potholders

Ok, you can never have too many potholders. Ditch your stained cloth potholders for this stunning design made from a DIY knit pattern. A solid-colour cord looks so chic, and the leather loop adds a sophisticated touch.

Chunky Blanket

 Black Chunky Blanket
Blush Chunky Blanket

If anyone said you could knit a big blanket in a single day, you’d be shocked. Enter this amazing knitting trend. Crafters everywhere are using larger-than-life knitting needles and ultra-plush yarn to make these gorgeous, cosy throws. These are incredible!

Giant Bunny

Stuffed Giant Bunny

This one is for the children. Or you, because it is too gosh-darn cute! Surprise your child with one of these adorable giant knit bunnies. Soft enough for a new-born and creative enough for an imaginative toddler, these knitted bunnies will be their new best friend.

Swanky Basket

Arm-Knit White Basket or Flowerpot
Arm-Knit White Baskets

Prepare yourself for an influx of oversize home decor this year. We are currently crushing on this arm-knit basket sized to hold a houseplant. The possibilities for this knitted craft are endless. Keeping organized is a constant challenge for a DIY guy or gal. And you can never, ever have enough baskets to throw supplies into.

Lush Rug

Large Cable Rug
Entryway Floor Rug
Cable Bedroom Rug

Nothing beats the feeling of stepping onto a plush new rug when slipping off your shoes. This knitting pattern is perfect for an entryway, bed side, or kitchen in need of a simple, rectangular floor mat. The thick cotton clothes-line this knitter used is stunning!

Plush Pillow
White Floor Pillow
Patterned Throw Pillows
Bold Yellow Opulent Throw Pillow Cover
Cream Patterned Throw Pillows
Knitted Black and Cream Throw Pillow Covers
Cream, Blush and Black Throw Pillow Covers
Patterned Pillows 
Cream Floor Pillow Cover

Fill your living room with these patterned pillows – you’ll relax in warmth and comfort with them. Put some of them on the sofa and combine them with faux fur covers for more cosiness. This neutral beauty that adds texture with the tassels and pattern. If you are good at knitting, just go ahead and knit them all to perfectly match your interiors.

Patterned Pencilholder

Your desk is probably not the homiest space on earth, but hack this little table topper, put on some slippers, and you almost might never want to go home again.

Cosy Containers
Knitted Storage Container
Knitted Cream and Brown Storage Container
Knitted Storage Containers with Bold Colours
Knit some storage containers – yes, knit them for this dry season, you won’t regret it!

Lavish Vases and Candleholders 

Cover vases and candle holders with various knit covers, maybe knitted or made of old sweaters, and get the cosiest home ever!

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