Tech Meets Style: 8 Samsung Smart Home Appliances Worth Investing In

Have you ever imagined the possibility of controlling your gas cooker you’re your smartphone or pressing a button from the comfort of your living room to turn off the washing machine? Well, now you can finally do these and much more. Explore the world of smart design with home appliances that do all the heavy lifting for you. Featuring touch screens, simple controls, and intelligent tech, your home will function seamlessly with the addition of these smart finds. Check out this list of smart and stylish finds that you can purchase at Samsung today!


Gas Range with Fan Convection

Turn up the heat in your newly designed kitchen by adding a gas range to your list of must-have appliances. Regulate the range from anywhere in your home by utilising the wi-fi connectivity to connect to your devices. Whether you’re preparing a meal for two or for the whole crew there are enough burners (five in fact!) to ensure your dinner is ready on time. If you have a large family or love to entertain, we feel this is the gas range for you.

Special Features
Slide-in Design
Wi-fi connectivity
Glass Touch Controls

Freestanding Gas Range with Power Burners

Whether you’re a habitual baker or a frozen food maven, this gas range will help turn your cooking up a notch. The dual door divides this piece into two ovens, so you can bake multiple meals at once to enjoy with your family. You can keep a close eye on your food with a wide view window, so you don’t have to open the oven door until it’s cooked to your liking. A bottom storage drawer adds extra space to your stylish kitchen and is perfect to place cookie sheets and cooling racks. Honestly, this range checks all of our boxes.

Special Features
Flex Duo
Dual Convection
Wi-fi connectivity
Wide-view Window



FlexDry Gas Dryer

An important staple in any home is a reliable dryer, and this Samsung FlexDry Gas Dryer comes in handy. This dryer allows you to wash your delicate and regular garments at the same time—that’s correct, at the same time. No longer will you have to worry about ruining your favourite blouse or top! The incredibly smart dryer also features multi-steam technology to help you reduce and remove wrinkles, static, odours, and bacteria. If your family is busy and consistently on-the-go, the flexibility this appliance has to offer is certainly for you.

Special Features
FlexDry Technology
Vent Sensor
Delicate Dryer
Multi Stream Technology

FL Dryer with Steam

The Samsung FL Dryer with Steam is one definitely worth the splurge. With multi-steam technology and a sensor dry, your clothes will be wrinkle and damp-free load after load. You’ll also enjoy the Smart Care option, which alerts your smartphone when there is an issue and will give you options for quick solutions. Pro tip: The dryer is the perfect to the washer featured above!

Special Features
Smart Care
Sensor Dry
Preset Drying Cycles
Multi Stream Technology


Front Load Washer

If you have ever dreamed of being able to control your washer from your smartphone—well, that day has finally arrived. This interactive washer connects directly to your device so you can control washing times and receive updates when your load is complete. You can go about your day and complete additional chores around the house without the worry of leaving your clothing in the washer for too long. Plus, if you or your family has a garment to add after your cycle as begun, the new AddWash door allows you toss it in without disrupting your load time.

Special Features
AddWash Technology
Super Speed
Steam Wash
PowerFoam Technology
Washer with VRT Plus

Meet the washer that’s here to simplify your life. This Samsung Washer with VRT Plus is designed with a diamond drum interior to keep your clothing looking as fresh and vibrant as the day you brought them home. Utilising vibration reduction technology, this washer is incredibly quiet and won’t distract family or guests—even during those heavy-duty spin cycles. Finally, this anything-but-average washer also interacts with your smartphone to let you know exactly what’s troubling your washer if there’s ever an issue.

Special Features
Vibration Reduction Technology
Smart Care
Self Clean


Touch Screen Family Hub Refrigerator 

Tired of the clutter your grocery list, calendar, and honey-to-do list are creating on your refrigerator? Instead of investing in more magnets, opt for the Samsung Touch Screen Family Hub Refrigerator. Boasting a touch screen capability for storing your notes, daily calendar, and even photos all in one place, this pick should top your list of must-haves. Large enough to fit all your family’s favourites, this spacious interior makes sure there’s room for your gallon of milk, fresh produce, and more. A juicy perk? The voice-activated grocery list! Simply peek in your fridge to see what’s running low and create your list right then and there—you will love this feature.

Special Features
Built-in Camera
Wi-fi Connectivity
Bixby Voice
Samsung French Door Refrigerator

For those homeowners who enjoy a clean, modern design, this refrigerator is worth a look. This spacious find from Samsung has a twin cooling system that keeps your freezer and fridge monitors separate, so your fruit will stay fresh and your frozen goods will stay extra chilly. You can even personalise this fridge to fit your needs by adjusting shelves and using the power freeze and power cool buttons to quickly change the temperatures for cooling things off fast.

Special Features
Twin Cooling System
Ice Maker
Adjustable Shelves
LED Lighting

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