Lush. Accent Chairs

What You Need to Know before Getting One

We see them in living rooms, office receptions, even bedrooms, but what do they stand for and why are they there? Accent chairs (also called occasional chairs or side chairs) are pieces of furniture that stand out because their complements a room’s decor. The term comes from a meaning of the word accent which means stress, or emphasis.

Do You Need One?

Any piece of accent furniture worthy of being called that goes beyond mere functionality. They are often used for their great decorative value above all other considerations. The answer to the question above depends on you and your stylish needs. You may not even have any practical or utilitarian need for them, but they serve to draw the eye in and create a bit of excitement, much like an accent colour. And no matter the one you are going for or the colour you choose, accent chairs will add colour, definition, and drama to your interior space. Why not make a stylish statement today with one of this lush goodness? Let’s make it easy for you to choose:


Club Accent Chair – Be Comfy

This upholstered, roomy armchair with extra-deep seats, is perfect for curling up with a book. As accent chairs go, this one is most likely to be filled with a happy (and perhaps snoozing) occupant. It’s frequently spotted in pairs making up a cosy nook or as the ideal companion alongside a living room sofa.

Bergère Accent Chair – Relax

The regal lines of a bergère are easy to spot thanks to its exposed wooden frame surrounding an upholstered seat and back. The loose seat cushion is what keeps it from feeling overly formal. It is used in pairs opposite a sofa or tucked into the corner of a bedroom with a matching ottoman.

Slipper Accent Chair – Go Easy

Mostly an excellent choice for anyone who is petite, this is an armless, upholstered accent chair with a petite silhouette and a seat that’s likely closer to the ground than you’re used to. If space is a scarce resource around your home, a slipper is a great option. It comes as extra seating next to a coffee table, particularly in small apartments, or prettying up the boudoir as a duo at the end of the bed.

Wingback Accent Chair – Feel Royal

This is perhaps the most common form of accent chairs. An easy-to-spot accent chair thanks to its signature winged sides and typically tall back. The generous size of a wingback makes it an ideal counterpart to a large sofa, since it can give the room a sense of balance in scale. It’s often perched next to a fireplace. Protecting the inhabitant from drafts and the heat from a roaring fire was the original purpose of the chair’s side wings, and some things, like winter, never change.

Occasional Chair – Be Set

These accents chairs run the gamut in terms of shape and style, but the one common denominator is that they are lightweight and easy to move when the need, or “occasion,” for more seating arises. Most are armless due to the weight factor. The chair can be used anywhere and everywhere, which is the beauty of this type of accent chair.

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