10 Exceptional Cooking Gifts This Holiday

Ok, so who doesn’t cook this season? Yes, right. Everyone cooks, or almost. And if you have a foodie buddy, then all the better. So, whether your chef friend or a foodie friend is cooking a storm this holiday season, getting them the right cooking gift will go a long way.  After all, it is a season for merriment, wining, and dining. And gifting. 

No worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got some incredible gift ideas for you. From personalised, stylish kitchen tools, and Wi-Fi-controlled slow cookers to trendy cast, we’ve got the best cooking gifts any home chef or family could ever ask for.

Plus, these are the gifts that you can enjoy too if you get to try the delicious meals these presents inspire.
Chic Cast

Sweet or savoury, fondue will always come through as a festive dish. Gather peeps around this red cast iron Cuisinart Fondue Setto enjoy some cheesy delights, or fire it up for an action-packed dessert with warm, melted chocolate.
Buy: Amazon
Website: Cuisinart
Smart Cooker  

How does it feel to be able to control your cooker from a smartphone? Life couldn’t get better with this amazing genius slow cooker! With its wi-fi functionality, the Black + Decker WiFi-Enabled Slow Cooker makes cooking easy. Any home chef can control it remotely from a smartphone. Whether at work or at the gym, your favourite foodie can check in on how their food is doing — now that’s cooking for the modern age.
Buy: Walmart
Handy Spiralizer

This tabletop spiralizer will surely come in handy when pasta (and other carbs) are likely to go on the list. Perfect for salads, stir-fries, desserts, garnishes and more, OXO’s Tabletop Spiralizer turns ordinary fruits and vegetables into delicious, colourful noodles.  
Website: Oxo
Robust Granite Mortar and Pestle Set

Get ready to rock some poundo with this two-piece mortar and pestle set from IMUSA. Made of granite, it also provides the perfect surface to expertly grind herbs and spices.
Buy: Wayfair
Nifty Fryer

Bring on a healthy french fry with this Avalon Bay Air Fryer.  You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate this air fryer. Thanks to air circulation technology, this oil-free wonder delivers fried foods with up to 80 percent less fat than typical fried foods.
Buy: Amazon
Website: Avalon-bay
Gorgeous Peeler

Peelers are not usually the most beautiful tools in the drawer, but the BergHOFF Leo Straight Peeler is very appealing. It’s so good-looking that chefs wouldn’t be able to resist it.  

Buy: Wayfair
Bespoke Chopping Board

A little personalisation always makes a gift feel special. So, these state-shaped  SiamMandalay cutting boards are a fabulous way to make someone feel loved. Made from organic monkey wood, each cutting board is one of a kind with a unique woodgrain.

Buy: Amazon
Website: Siammandalay
Trendy Fruit Bowl

Organise fruit by ripeness with this fabulously designed fruit bowl that celebrates both form and function. Hang bananas on the built-in hook to encourage even ripening, store ready-to-eat fruit atop the maple tray and coax the not-quite-ripe in the vented glass bowl.

Stylish Slate Tray
If your foodie friend is more of a host or hostess, this gift will be appreciated for many holidays to come. These wonderfully chic and practical slate cheese boards provide a stylish serving solution for any cocktail-hour foods.

Convenient Vegetable Sacks

Your gourmet giftee will love stylishly stashing their veggies in this clever set of three storage bags. They free up space (attractively!) on the counter or in the pantry. Made of cotton/linen, they reduce light exposure and extend the shelf life of any root vegetables.
Website: Mastrad

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