13 Surprising Foods That Leave You Hungry

If it seems like you’re always hungry, it might be a good idea to reconsider what you’re snacking on, as well as what you’re eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis. While you’re likely doing what you can to have three square meals a day and adding in a few snacks in between, you might be interested to know that some common foods that make you hungrier after eating them, instead of working nutritional magic to make you feel satisfied.

White Rice
It can spike — and then crash — your blood sugar, which makes you hungry again. Choose ofada rice, basmati rice or brown rice instead. They aren’t as likely to cause that roller coaster reaction. And don’t overcook it.

Flaky, buttery, and perfect with your morning latte. But they score really low on the satiety index, a measure of how well a food satisfies your hunger. There’s not much in them that’s good for you, and they’re loaded with fat and white flour. That gives you more calories without leaving you satisfied. If you want a breakfast that will last you to lunch, a poached egg on whole-grain toast should do the trick.

Low-Fat Yogurt
The more you chew  food, the more it satisfies. By that measure, yogurt doesn’t rate well. And the low-fat version often has sweeteners that can spike your blood sugar without the dairy fat that can help you feel full. Try plain, full-fat yogurt with granola, fresh berries, and nuts instead: More fibre, more chewing, and more satisfaction.

Egg Whites
If you leave out the orange-yellow goodness in the middle of the egg to lose calories, it won’t leave you feeling satisfied. That’s because the yolk is nature’s “complete protein” thanks to amino acids, which your body uses to build cells. And recent research shows that the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in a whole egg isn’t likely to be bad for you.

Fruit Juice

It doesn’t have any of the fibre of the fruit it came from, which is a big reason apples and grapes make you feel full and slow the flow of sugar into your bloodstream. Without fibre, your blood sugar can quickly spike and then crash, and make you hungry.

White Bread

It doesn’t have the fibre or nutrients of whole grains that can make you feel full. There’s an easy solution here: Eat whole-grain bread instead. You have a lot of kinds to choose from — whole wheat, pumpernickel, rye, and even multi-grain. Try a few, and see what works for you.

French Fries

It’s a shame really: Bake or boil your potatoes and they’ll satisfy your hunger better than most foods on the planet. But fry them up in oil and cover them in salt, and they lose most of their power. And they typically have more fat and salt than plain potatoes, too.

It’s a sugar bomb that piles on the calories without any nutrition. The white flour breaks down quickly into sugar, and the glaze adds more to spike and crash your blood sugar. Combine that with almost zero nutritional value, and you’ll be hungry again in no time.

Soft Drinks
The research is clear: People who drink soda get more calories in a day. Scientists think this may be because it makes you hungry or keeps you from feeling full in some way. Another theory is that the sugar in soda makes your sweet tooth even sweeter.

Anything With MSG
MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is another one to watch out for, you know…all those seasonings we have in Nigeria. The all-too-common flavour enhancer has been proven to chemically trigger appetite. MSG affects leptin … a hormone which helps regulate the body by inhibiting hunger. It is produced by the fat cells of the body, and it tells the brain that we have enough fat stored. In other words, it tells our bodies that we don’t need to eat more, thereby making us less hungry. Mess with that message by eating MSG, and you’ll be in for quite the rumbling stomach — even after you ate.

While it’s smart to grab an apple when you need a quick pick-me-up, it shouldn’t be the only thing you snack on during the day. Apples are of course good for us to eat but they are still a simple sugar and cause a glucose spike, insulin release, and a quick drop as it gets digested quickly. This is a good thing for your body but not so much for your hunger levels. It’s always better to add peanut/almond butter or another source of protein, like [cheese.] This will help slow down the glucose spike, less insulin will be released to break down the sugar, and you will digest it slower, thus keeping you fuller longer.

Chewing Gum

OK, so gum isn’t food. But did you know that chewing on it can trick your body into feeling hungrier? Chewing gum can get your body’s salivary glands working, which is the first process of digestion. Your body may think that a meal is coming and make you feel hungrier than you thought. That’s why, when you’re stuck somewhere and don’t have a filling snack on hand, chewing a stick of gum to “tide you over” may not be the best idea.

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