30 Sites to Sell (New) and Especially Old Stuff Online

They’re like junks to you. Piles and piles of them; from forgotten old furniture to books, shoes, phones, bags, even clothes, all sitting in your store waiting to be thrown away. Wait. Don’t throw them away just yet! These things can still be treasures.

Image: Square
Do you know you could sell these pre-loved items and earn a little bit of money? Here are some great websites to help you sell and get rid of any item, starting with your family’s disturbing old cabinet to your children’s gently used clothes.

Image: Oasdom
eBay: sell all kinds of items ranging from electronics, clothing, collectibles, and almost anything in existence out there. 

Amazon: bookworms can make some good money from selling your old books on this site. Also sell old DVDs, gadgets and any old, but useful things you can put in a box.
 Craigslist: great place to sell used cars, vintage furniture, and even old houses. Also sell your services, and skills.


Image: Reader’s Digest
Antique Piano Shop: If you’re not sure how much your old piano is worth, Antique Piano Shop is the best place online to help you. 

Image: BGR
Swappa: Got some gently used electronics at home? Swappa is great marketplace to find buyers and sellers for various second-hand mobile devices.  
Got more electronics? Sell here
Image: Thunder Bay Tourism
Have some old arts and crafts? Sell here. Also, sell vintage collectibles.  
Wedding Dress and Accessories
Sell Your Wedding Dress: Sell your wedding dress and accessories here. 

Image: New Era of Wiring Diagram
Sell your photos online, old or new on these sites:

Image: Sola Network
Sell old books on these sites: 

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