Fabulous Furniture That Doubles as Storage

Image: Isabir

No space? No problem! These furniture pieces will help increase your home’s storage capacity without gobbling up tons of square footage. So the next time you’re in the market for new furniture or want one made for you, choose something that doubles as extra storage space. We’ve done the searching for you and rounded up twelve pieces for every room in your home.

Upholstered Storage Bench

Image: Emilyinalaska.com

Image: Home-design.com

Image: Steal-A-Sofa


Image: Wayfair.com

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of furniture that’s both functional and stylish to complete your entryway, look no further than to an upholstered storage bench. Before hosting your next gathering, move it into the living room to provide guests with more seating.
Image: Wayfair.com

Console Cabinet
Image: Amazon.com

Image: Joybed.com

Image: Marthastewart.com

Image: Modsy Blog


Consider a console cabinet an essential piece in an open floor plan. It’s slightly larger than a console table and provides more behind-closed-doors space. Position one behind a sofa that “floats” in the middle of a room and you’ll have a spot for lamps to illuminate the seating space, plus plenty of storage and a surface for placing drinks.
Queen Platform Bed
Image: Andb.info

Image: Home Depot

Image: Living Spaces
Image: Stickers Stars and Smiles Design

Image: The Futon Shop

Add a platform bed to your room and you’ll not only elevate your room’s style but also, maximise storage space. With a wooden frame that fits a queen-size mattress and two large drawers on both sides of the bed that can be used to hold extra linens and blankets or off-season clothes, a platform bed is both functional and stylish.  
Image: Pinterest.com
Media Entertainment Centre

Whether you use it to store books, display decor, or hold gaming consoles, an entertainment centre is a must for any living room (or man cave). The one in the picture comes in three pieces—two bookcases and a centre console—that can stand alone or be arranged together to appear as a custom built-in media center. Plus, it’s available in 13 colours so you can choose one that fits your style, and additional bookcase shelves.
Find it here   
Storage Ottoman

image: Mobeldeko

Image: RH Teen

Image: Walmart

Store cosy throw blankets inside and place the lid on top so you can use it as a coffee table to set drinks or display picture frames. The Alina Basket Ottoman (see above) is made with natural seagrass, this storage ottoman is a stylish, eco-friendly option you’ll feel good about adding to your home. You can even put a pretty pillow on top to transform it into a comfortable place to kick up your feet after a long day.

Image: Decorpad
Image: Walmart
Image: PicClick

Counter Storage Table
Image: Furniture Cart

Image: Furniture Pick

Image: Guynn Furniture

Image: Rotmans

Complete your dining room with a counter dining set. It comfortably seats up to five people and features two adjustable storage shelves that are great for keeping extra napkins and cocktail glasses within arm’s reach. The high-top construction saves even more space by allowing you to tuck barstools under the table when you’re not using them.

Image: Wolf Furniture

Over the Toilet Storage

Image: Ecceidea.com

Image: Home Depot

Image: New York Magazine

There’s no such thing as too much storage for your bathroom, right? This metal storage unit sits neatly above your toilet, giving you three extra shelves without taking up too much space. Set extra rolls of toilet paper on the bottom shelf and use the upper shelves for towels, washcloths, and other linens. 
Image: Andaininc
Console Table
Image: Irfanview

Image: Overstock

Image: Pinterest

Image: Upstairs Downstairs

Like its cabinetry cousin, a console table adds storage but provides a different look. Baskets or bins can be lined up beneath for additional storage. Plus, console tables come in all sizes, so you’ll be able to choose a piece that’s the perfect fit for your space.
Image: Remodelling Magazine

Image: Emily Henderson

Image: Lastman’s Bad Boy

Image: Love Grows Wild

Image: Overstock

Hutches, pie safes, cabinets, and armoires are stylish storage additions for formal or traditional. These handsome pieces bring substance to space while providing plenty of storage for organising necessities. Hutches are ideal for stocking items best kept out of sights, such as extra throws or entertainment gear.

Image: Cotobahia

Shelving Unit

Image: Argos

Image: B&M

Image: NBA 2k18
Image: Atkin and Thyme

Shelving units add a little extra to your interior. They bring eye-catching attention to space while also storing your wares. This geometric shelf, for example, has plateaued shelves that dip down for added visual interest. An iron frame keeps the structure sturdy.
Image: The Range
Coffee Table with Drawers
Image: eBay

Image: Fifthla

Image: Home Depot

Image: House Beautiful

Drawers stacked beneath the top of a coffee table can conceal all sorts of items, such as board games, remotes, and magazines. Because these furniture pieces tend to be bulky, they work best in larger living rooms.  

Image: West Elm

Floating Shelves
Image: Bestar

Image: Etsy

Floating shelves—especially in unexpected spaces, such as adjacent to a TV—are perfect for stashing smaller items. The shelves also help divide the space. Even though there are only two shelves here, the placement creates a third space perfect for stashing firewood.

Image: Snapdeal

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