Fashion Ideas: Rent Clothes Online

While these services are currently not available in Nigeria, it doesn’t hurt to share, perhaps someone might catch the bug! So, calling on fashion enthusiasts, start-ups, designers, entrepreneurs, who are trying to get ahead to tap into this idea. We never know. This is why we’re here, to make living easy! At Easyliving, we take care to recommend items we hope you’ll enjoy!

Online Clothing Rental Services

Fashion is evolving every single day. New trends come and go and for better or for worse, and old trends are always re-emerging. But, despite the immediate draw, not every trend is worth a purchase. What if there was a way to get the season’s hottest looks, without actually buying them?

Good news: There is!

Clothing rental services are an economical and environmentally friendly way to stay on trend, with the convenience of getting the latest looks delivered right to your doorstep.
From body inclusive brands, to options for kids, there are plenty of different places where “rental” is the name of the game. Here are some of the newest style subscription services to fit your everyday needs.

1. Rent the Runway Unlimited

Service: Rent, Swap
Market: All occasions
Website: Rent the Runway Unlimited 
Rent the Runway was the breakout start for clothing rental. Previously known as the go-to for formal wear, Rent the Runway Unlimitied now offers clothing for all occasions! For a fee a month, you can rent four pieces at a time from top designers and have them delivered to your door within two days. Rent the Runway Unlimited allows you to swap back a style at your convenience.

2. Gwynnie Bee

Service: Rent, Buy
Market: All occasions
Website: Gwynnie Bee
Gwynnie Bee offers access to fashion brands that are inclusive of all sizes (0-32), including Calvin Klein, Adrianna Papell and more. This service offers several different subscription options, including one item at a time for access to ten items at a time. You’re able to wear and enjoy with no commitment, plus all plans include unlimited exchanges, shipping both ways and cleaning.

3. New York & Company Closet

Service: Rent, Buy
Market: Work wears
Website: NY & Company
If you’re hoping to own the 9 to 5 look, sign up for NY&Co Closet! Get access to your favourite looks from New York and Company for a monthly flat rate. The monthly subscription includes unlimited access to NY&Co with new styles being added every week. Choose up to three styles at a time, and when you’re ready for something new, send all three pieces back together and pick three more.

If you rent something you can’t live without, you can also purchase your favourite items at a special discount.

4. Tulerie

Service: On-demand, Rent, Borrow, Share
Market: Vacation wears, Special occasions
Website: Tulerie
Download the Tulerie app to rent, borrow and share clothes with women in your local city and around the world. Tulerie is perfect if you’re going on vacation or attending a special event. Prices may vary depending on the item you choose. There’s no middlemen involved in the process, and each transaction requires a $10 shipping fee.

If you’re looking for a way to get some extra cash, sign up to lend that piece in your closet that you haven’t worn in months.

5. Rainey’s Closet

Service: Rent
Market: Children wears
Website: Rainey’s Closet
Your children can get in on the rental action too. Rainey’s Closet grants access to thousands of styles for every fashionable kid and every occasion. Prices vary depending on which item you choose, but the process is simple: pick your dates, wear it and return it! You can reserve items for five or ten days, and shipping and dry cleaning is included in the rental fee.

6. Infinite Style by Ann Taylor

Service: Swap
Market: Work wear
Website: Infinite by Ann Taylo
Ann Taylor’s Infinite Style program is another great way to expand your work wardrobe without committing to a purchase. You can choose up to three pieces at a time and swap them out for another set of 3 as many times as you want throughout the month.

7. American Eagle Style Drop

Service: Rent, Buy
Market: Casual wears
Website: American Eagle
As take on the retail trend allows subscribers to rent jeans, tops, dresses and more for $50 per month. You can rent three items at a time and are allowed unlimited shipments plus discounts on items you want to purchase.

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