Top Loading Washing Machine: Which is Best for You?

Washing machines have gotten very fancy (and very pricey) in the last few years, and shopping for your perfect match can be overwhelming. There are loads different brands sold in Nigeria today. That includes everything from standard front- and top-loaders to compact, unitized, all-in-one, and other miscellaneous one-off styles.  

The focus of this guide is on top-loading washing machines and how to choose the one that’s best for you.

What are Top-Loading Machines?

Top-loading machines have become popular in Nigeria in recent times. But how do you sift through all of the options to find something that works? The default answer is you guess; you pick a budget, find something in that price range, and hope for the best.

But a lot of factors come into play in choosing the right one for you. Note that not all top loaders are same. Today, there are two main types of top-loading washing machines, one that has an agitator and one that does not. An agitator is a mechanism within a washer that creates motion by shaking and forcing water through the machine, leading to a vibrating washing machine. Top-loading washing machines with agitators typically wash quicker, but top-loading washing machines without agitators (known as high-efficiency or pulsators top load washing machine) clean better, can clean more clothes at once, and use less water. As such, HE (high-efficiency) or pulsator washing machines cost more.

Fortunately, we’re here to help.


Convenient and Easy to Use: They are normally more convenient since you don’t have to bend over to load and unload clothes. They are extremely easy to use too.  

Easy on the Back: For older buyers or those with joint issues, top-loading washers typically stand at an ideal height to save the trouble of bending down. To mitigate this issue with front loaders we recommend installing the units on laundry pedestals that raise the units about 12-15″.

Add Clothes in Mid-Cycle: Top loaders also have other convenient qualities, such as the ability to add clothes in mid-cycle, or even right after starting the cycle.

Distribute Softener Easily: Top-loading washers can also collect lint and distribute fabric softener better than front-loading washing machines can.

Less Expensive: Top-loading washers are typically less expensive than their front-loading counterparts.

No Mold Buildup: Top-loading washing machines do not have smell or mold buildup since they rely on gravity to pull water down, so water doesn’t get trapped in any seals, unlike front-loading machines.

Wash Quickly: Top-loading washers with an agitator tend to wash clothes faster than front-loading washing machines since the clothes are immersed in water for the length of the wash cycle.

√ Energy Efficient: They are still energy efficient even though they use more water than front loaders.


The following are the downsides of top-loading washing machines.

× Water Economy: They uses more water

× Installation is not flexibility   

× Spin speed – performance on water extraction is not as great as those of front-loading washers.

If you are looking for a quicker and easier wash, top-loading washing machines are probably a better way to go. If your laundry area is in a basement with limited airflow, gravity pulls residual water away from the seals and gaskets so wiping down these parts is not necessary.

Best 5 Top-Loading Washing Machine Compared

For the purpose of this review, we have compared the popular ones on the market.


Overall Best: LG

The LG T1666NEFTF is a large-capacity, energy-efficient washer with a fair amount of load options. It’s also covered by a long warranty. It is also the most efficient machine we compared overall. Its Energy Star designation means that it uses 25 percent less energy and 33 percent less water than average models. The T1666NEFTF is still more energy efficient than smaller machines. The price is also not bad for its capacity.

Rating: 9/10

Website: LG

Best Value: Samsung

Samsung’s dedicated pull-down sink provides a place for pre-treating your items so you don’t drip water everywhere carrying them from another sink. Simply soak, scrub, and drop your wet items right into the tub. Also, its wobble technology provides gentle care of fabrics without compromising washing performance. Wobble pulsators generate a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow that prevents tangles and increases washing power.

Rating: 9/10

Website: Samsung Africa

Best Price: Hisense

While Hisense may be the cheapest of all compared, the model compared here was not found on Hisense’s global website:  

Rating 8/10

Website: N/A

Best for Less Water: Scanfrost

If you are all about saving water when washing or using less water and you don’t mind the price and the capacity, then Scanfrost is your best bet. With its 10 electric water levels; water recycle function and 6 programs (STANDARD / HEAVY/GENTLE/SPEEDY/ AIR DRY/ CLEANING TUB), this machine is sure to save you water.

Rating: 7.5/10

Website: Scanfrost

Best Features: Haier Thermocool

But for its very high price, Haier Thermocool has the best features overall. The machine is packed with loads of features, such as the inverter technology’s Direct Motion Technology; 4G Magic Filter that traps dirt and particles; rear control; 360 waterfall and more. This is the most expensive of the lot.

Rating: 7.5/10

Website: Thermocool


Shopping for a washing machine ultimately comes down to what you personally are looking for and where your laundry will be located. If you have questions, feel free to reach write us and we’ll be happy to answer you.   

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