Best Apps to Sell Your Stuff

Are you moving or trying to declutter your home? Or are you just looking to make some extra cash? Well, you got help! One big option is to take out your trusty old smartphone and download an app that will let you sell your things. If this sounds like a good idea, then take a look at our list of the best apps for selling stuff. Whether you’re trying to get rid of clothes, jewelry, or technology, you can sell them without a hassle.  This covers apps for Android and iOS, and it ranges from auction apps like eBay to platforms like Poshmark that let you sell stuff directly to other users.


Before we go straight to the list, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions and what you should know about these apps.

What Are Apps That Sell Your Stuff?

These apps allow users to exchange items with other users on the platform, often for cash but occasionally for trade or barter. Each one on this list allows any user to log on and list an item for sale or solicit a price quote. The apps vary on whether they handle logistics like shipping or meet-ups, but at the very least, they are an efficient way to connect sellers with buyers, both in their immediate area or around the globe.

Who Should Use Apps That Sell Your Stuff?

Anyone looking for a little extra cash or hoping to rid their home of unwanted items can use these apps. They are especially useful for anyone with name-brand merchandise—from electronics to clothing to furniture, products from companies that other consumers know and trust tend to move quickly online—but any item in good condition could potentially find a buyer when marketed on the right app. Download these apps if you are planning a move, redecorating, cleaning out a closet, or finishing up a semester at school to make money while clearing out needed space in your home.

What Types of Items Can You Sell on These Apps?

New or gently used items may sell more quickly and for higher prices, but as far as what you can sell, there are very few actual limits on these platforms. Many apps restrict the sale of firearms, alcohol, drugs, live animals, or counterfeit items, and each app includes more detailed information on its regulations in the terms and conditions. Common items to sell on these apps include:

Designer clothes, shoes, and purses

Furniture, appliances and electronics

Household goods and electronics

Big-ticket items like used cars

Baby clothes, gadgets and children’s toys


How Much Does an App for Selling Stuff Cost?

Many of the apps are free for both buyers and sellers to use. With a free app, you list your items for sale and only pay a selling fee (typically only a couple of dollars) if you want to “boost” your item and get it seen more often. Otherwise, the app is free, and you list the items yourself. Other apps charge sellers listing fees, such as flat fees ranging from $2.50 to $7.95, and sales fees, which are usually a percentage of the sale and can be as high as 20%.

How We Chose the Best Apps for Selling Stuff

We researched and reviewed the most popular apps for selling stuff and narrowed them down to the ten best apps. These selections were based on the app company’s reputation, the number of users, popularity, types of items sold, features, and costs.

eBay: Best Overall

Platform: Android and iOS

eBay is very much the best app for selling stuff, whether locally, nationally, or internationally. Regardless of whether you want to sell your old baseball card collection or that extra PlayStation 5 you happen to have lying around, eBay will put you in touch with a receptive market. Listing items for sale on its app is a very simple step-by-step process, while you can edit listings on the go and also message prospective buyers very easily.

Sellers on eBay are paid via Paypal, credit or debit card, merchant credit or debit card, or payment on pickup (if your buyer is going to pick up the item in person).

Facebook Marketplace: Best for Reaching a Wider Audience

Platform: Android and iOS

Posting items for sale in Facebook Marketplace is as easy as sharing any other update on the largest social media platform in the world—although, in Marketplace, each listing is public, so it can be seen on and off of the platform.

Just snap a photo and add a product name, short description, and price. You will also be asked about the product’s location and category. Once you’re happy with the listing, you can share the product to the News Feed or post it to groups. Facebook doesn’t charge sellers to post listings on the platform, and the service is immensely popular—more than 800 million people use Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell products every month.

If you cannot meet up with your buyer to make an exchange locally, Facebook does charge a 5% selling fee on shipped items. For these sales, payment is submitted through Messenger, and Facebook gives the seller a printable shipping label that can be tracked by all parties.

Facebook also earns revenue through Marketplace by charging to boost your listing as an ad, on a sliding scale that starts at just a few dollars. Even without a paid boost, the social media behemoth will market your listing specifically to users who are searching for similar items, so the platform is especially useful for sellers looking to make a transaction quickly.

Instagram: Best for Quick Sales

Platform: Android and iOS

You might only share your fun moments on Instagram, but it’s also another local marketplace. All you have to do is take a picture and include a small product description with a price.

Facebook owns Instagram, but that doesn’t mean every Instagrammer uses Facebook.

Young adults are more likely to use Instagram than Facebook.

There are some people and small businesses that have had great success selling on Instagram. Try for yourself to see what success you have.

Sell on Etsy: Best for Household Items

Platform: Android and iOS

Etsy is well-known as a marketplace where you can find everything from furniture to household ornaments, yet it also has its own dedicated app just for sellers: Sell on Etsy. It’s geared more toward higher-volume sellers, but if that describes you, then it really is one of the best options around. It lets you efficiently manage your items and sales, enabling quick responses to buyers and allowing you to effortlessly check your views, visits, and sales history. Listing on the app is very easy, while you can activate and deactivate listings with a single tap of your phone.

OfferUp: Most Versatile for Buyers

Platform: Android and iOS

OfferUp stands out among selling apps for its versatility, large user base, and intuitive interface. The resulting app boasts “millions” of users (no precise figure given), and you can sell anything you have lying around, from electronics to furniture. As with most other apps in its genre, it includes a review system, so you can be sure that you’re selling to a reliable buyer. You list items in under a minute, while the app also lets you quickly message buyers.

The App takes a service fee on these long-distance transactions—about 12.9% or $2 minimum—and payment is deposited into the seller’s account as soon as the item is delivered and the buyer confirms that they are satisfied. (The buyer can only initiate a return if the item has undisclosed damage, is not as described, or is incorrect or missing.)

Decluttr: Best for Technology and Electronics

Platform: Android and iOS

Decluttr is aimed squarely at anyone with stray video games, CDs, DVDs, gadgets, and books to sell. It makes listing items very straightforward, letting you scan barcodes in order to automatically enter product information. It also offers free shipping for sellers, while it includes payment options via PayPal, bank deposits, or cheques.

Another big perk is that you can even sell your broken electronics. Yes, Decluttr will buy smartphones even if they’re missing keys, won’t power on, or have shattered screens—not for very much, but for more than what you’d earn by throwing the old phones in the trash. Decluttr accepts gaming consoles, tablets, computers, smartwatches, cell phones, and more. The site buys textbooks, CDs, and DVDs as well.

With around 4 million customers, its market is very broad, so you shouldn’t struggle to sell things. It’s also simple to view and manage orders, with the app’s dashboard laying everything out intuitively.

Poshmark: Best for Selling Designer Items

Platform: Android and iOS

Although it’s only available in North America and the US, Poshmark will be best suited for our readers who are looking to sell clothes around that region. Focused mostly on designer items and fashion, it currently boasts around 70 million users across North America, so you’re likely to find someone to buy that old handbag you never wear outside anymore. While it does seem to have a slant toward women, you can also use it to sell children’s clothing and menswear, so it’s particularly useful for families looking to have a spring cleaning and make some money on the side. The selling process itself is pretty simple, requiring you to sign up for an account, upload some photos of your items, and enter a description and various pieces of info. Poshmark’s customer support also receives good reviews online, so if anything ever goes wrong, you should be able to resolve it easily.

CPlus for Craigslist: Second-Best for Reaching a Wider Audience

Platform: Android and iOS

You’ve no doubt heard of Craigslist, but CPlus for Craigslist is a version of the famous classifieds platform that’s focused specifically on selling your stuff. It makes selling things exceedingly easy, with its native in-app posting system letting you put old stuff online in a few clicks. It also includes convenient options for editing, renewing, and reposting ads, while the app is free to use.

Here’s how it works: You list an item for sale similarly to how you’d list via Craigslist on a desktop – you upload photos, title, description, and finally, price. But with CPlus, sellers can opt to be alerted via notification when a new item is listed, automatically enables geolocation, and offers multiple display options. These features all help your item reach the largest group of interested buyers helping your items sell faster – and for more money.

Tradesy: Second-Best for Selling Designer Items

Platform: Android and iOS

Tradesy is another app for selling designer fashion, letting you list items from a wide range of brands. It makes selling very hassle-free since it will accept all returns for you and let you keep the money you received from the original buyer, so long as the item you sold was as-described (and authentic). It also has a very good customer service department, so any problems you have should be resolved quickly. That said, the commission taken by Tradesy is fairly large compared to other apps, coming in at around 20%. This may be a little steep for some, but it does finance a good all-round service.

Shpock: Best Second-hand Market Place

Platform: Android and iOS

Shpock is short for “Shop in your Pocket.” It’s an Apple and Android app that showcases your listing with a large picture. Think Pinterest and their large, colorful pins.

When shoppers are just browsing the map, a small picture populates with your pinpoint location. Users must click the pinpoint to read a verbal description of your product.

Let’s imagine you’re selling a bike. A picture of your bike will appear instead of the description of the size, model, and price of the bike.

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