The definitive PS5 review: Is it worth getting?

The definitive PS5 review: Is it worth getting? 

Sony’s PS5 has been around for over a year now. The biggest question most gamers have in mind is: Is it worth getting? With its competition against the Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch, PS5 needs attention more than ever with these two great competitors.

Out of all the systems, the PS5 is also the hardest to come across with which might put some people off and go for its alternative. If you are planning to own a PS5, read this review first to make better decisions and save up money for something else if you don’t find the system that impressive after all. 

PS5 does have its fair share of exciting features and a few drawbacks that hopefully will get ironed out in the future. So, here is Goodsworth’s review of Sony’s newest system, the Playstation 5! 


Unlike Sony’s previous gaming console interactions, the PS5 immediately sticks out in any living room setup due to its futuristic design and white colour. Being the largest console out of the 3 current generation systems, the PS5 looks more like a mini-desktop unit than a console. 

The best part about the PS5’s design is in its shape and colour. With two faceplates on each side of the black bar in the middle, the console really looks like a current gen system that is appropriate for today’s times. 

With how sleek Apple has made its phones and tablets, Sony is also leaning towards that direction and making the PS5’s design very sophisticated and somewhat flamboyant. Unlike the Xbox Series X’s more conventional layout, the PS5 will appease gamers who want a showy setup that will make their friends’ jaws drop at the sight of the system. 


Arguably the system’s best asset, the PS5 Dual Sense controller has a few tricks in its sleeves that make it the definitive console out of the other two. The controller looks like the main console hub from its colour scheme. 

Its console only comes in white at the moment and a few faceplates to revamp the design, but the controller always comes in the same colour as the unit. It’s also fairly large for gamers to grasp properly and is incredibly comfortable to use. 

However, the top feature it has is undoubtedly the haptic feedback that comes in its rumble system. A pre-installed game that comes in the system called ‘Astro’s Playroom’ utilises this feature to the max. 

Every time the character walks on a particular surface, it reflects that in the rumble and vibrations of the controller. So, if the character walks on the sand, for instance, it really feels like you are walking on sand. 

It’s slightly difficult to visualise how it really works, but it’s one of the greatest innovations in the tech industry. Furthermore, the trigger buttons also use this feature when it comes to sprinting and shooting if you play first-person shooter games.

Graphical fidelity

The PS5 is comparable to its current gen competitors where it can output 4K displays of up to 120 hertz of frame rates. This allows for smoother and clearer gameplay that looks and feels current generation. 

You can immediately see it in the user interface which is buttery smooth as you scroll through your apps and games. Speaking of games, the PS5 has a few 1st party games worth noting like Horizon Forbidden West, Dark Souls Remastered, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. 

While the number of games are few, you have to consider that it’s only a year since the release of the console.

Is the PS5 worth it at the end of the day? 

The bottom line is that if you can afford a PS5 and are lucky enough to find one, then it’s an absolute must-have for a dedicated gamer. Especially when you are a Sony fan, the PS5 is definitely worth picking up simply for its games alone. 

There are two variants of the system: The disk and digital versions. The latter is more affordable but can’t read discs which can be detrimental for those who have a collection of PS4 games on their shelves. 

Nevertheless, either version has the same specs except for a disc drive, and you will be happy with your purchase if you happen to find one.

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