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Top Online Photo Printing Services for 2021

In this age of smartphones and digital cameras, taking photos has never been easier! The days of 1-hour photo lab and little kiosks are over. Now, there is absolutely no film to develop. Anyone can take a photo and store it or upload it on the device – smartphone or computer. Each year over 1 trillion pictures are taken and some of them are truly … Continue reading Top Online Photo Printing Services for 2021

Drone Buying Guide: Choosing the Right One

The use of drones cannot be underestimated. It’s no exaggeration to say that these beautiful inventions have changed the way we view the world. For instance, when a large number of youths wanted to embark on a peaceful protest against police brutality in my home country, Nigeria, drones came in handy and were used to cover all that occured during the protest, across the cities … Continue reading Drone Buying Guide: Choosing the Right One

Cute Fisheye

Cameras. They can be vintage or cutting edge, bulky or sleek, but generally awe-inspiring… but you’d never use the word adorable to describe a camera, now would you? Strangely enough, that’s the only word that best describes the Lomography Fisheye Baby. With its incredibly toyish proportions, and even colours, the Fisheye Baby is cute, and embodies everything that’s fun about photography. The Lomography Fisheye Baby … Continue reading Cute Fisheye