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Best Holiday Deals – Wayfair

This story is part of our best holiday deals for 2020. We are sourcing the best deals across digital platforms and physical stores, locally and internationally. Find out the best deals from major stores in order to buy right this season. Wayfair Holiday Deals If one of your 2021 goals is to overhaul your home with very unique and beautiful items, including changing the furniture … Continue reading Best Holiday Deals – Wayfair

Lush. Accent Chairs

What You Need to Know before Getting One We see them in living rooms, office receptions, even bedrooms, but what do they stand for and why are they there? Accent chairs (also called occasional chairs or side chairs) are pieces of furniture that stand out because their complements a room’s decor. The term comes from a meaning of the word accent which means stress, or … Continue reading Lush. Accent Chairs

15 Timeless Items Every Stylish Home Must Have

Trends come and go, but some are here to stay for the long haul. Let’s treat you to a gorgeous feature of some of our favourites top home design trends, tips and design ideas to make any home feel sophisticated and stylish. These affordable decor items that are sure to brighten any interior. If you love interior design and if you love to shop, then … Continue reading 15 Timeless Items Every Stylish Home Must Have