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Teletherapy: The Mental Health Treatment of the Future

A lot is happening in the word today – some good, some bad – and for the most part, they all take a toll on our health. Look around (like, literally look around or scan your timeline or Twitter feed). You may have noticed that we’re making huge strides in destigmatizing mental illness, and that’s fantastic. The importance of treating your mental health as you … Continue reading Teletherapy: The Mental Health Treatment of the Future

Choosing a Fitness Tracker: Which Should You Buy?

This year has been a little dramatic for most of us. From the announcement of the outbreak of the pandemic in December 2019, to compulsory lock-down in almost all countries from March 2020. We have had to stay at home and as a result, added some extra kgs. However, the good news is that you can still get back in shape. If you’re looking to … Continue reading Choosing a Fitness Tracker: Which Should You Buy?

Decorating Basics: 5 Decorating Errors to Avoid

Photo: Decorating a home is a great way to make it cosy, comfortable, and inviting, but it’s easy to go overboard and end up with a messy, cluttered looking space.  Now it’s time to cut the mess and get it right. Here are five decorating mistakes that make your home look messy and how to avoid them! Error 1: Too Many Colours Decorating with … Continue reading Decorating Basics: 5 Decorating Errors to Avoid

35 Easy DIY Christmas Home Décor Ideas

Deck the halls with boughs of holly… It’s that time of year when you’re looking to hang your entire Christmas decor, and you are not sure whether to buy new ones or use the old ones. How about a little DIY decor that celebrates the beauty of the holidays? If you’re looking for some great ideas to spruce up the house during this holiday season, … Continue reading 35 Easy DIY Christmas Home Décor Ideas

Lush. Accent Chairs

What You Need to Know before Getting One We see them in living rooms, office receptions, even bedrooms, but what do they stand for and why are they there? Accent chairs (also called occasional chairs or side chairs) are pieces of furniture that stand out because their complements a room’s decor. The term comes from a meaning of the word accent which means stress, or … Continue reading Lush. Accent Chairs

Plain to Pretty: Sponge-Paint Curtains

DIY Pretty Curtain Who says your bed post drapes have to be boring plain? And who says you must break the bank to buy some pretty, well patterned curtains to beautify your bedroom, when you can do-it-yourself? Yes, you can turn those plain curtains into one-of-a-kind beauties with this really easy painting technique, which yields a gorgeous watercolour effect. Add an impressive pop of DIY … Continue reading Plain to Pretty: Sponge-Paint Curtains

Treehouse Hotels in Africa

Have you been travelling across Africa but haven’t had it differently? If you want a unique experience in your next trip, then stay in a treehouse! You don’t need anyone to tell you the stories of woods, wild animals, or the beautiful forest view. Experience it! Many African treehouse lodges are luxurious chalets nestled in Baobab, Leadwood, Mahogany or Marula trees, and come complete with … Continue reading Treehouse Hotels in Africa